Welcome to the The Uganda Association of Occupational Therapists.

UAOT Executive Committee shares the delight of being back again online with you our dear visitor.

The Uganda Association of Occupational Therapists (UAOT) is the Unifying body for all occupational therapists in Uganda. 

The Uganda Association of Occupational Therapists (UAOT) is the legally recognised body that overseas and supervises all occupational therapy activities in Uganda. 

It works within the framework set by the Allied health Professionals council of Ministry of health Uganda. 

UAOT has been in existance since 1996.

Member of World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) since 1996. 

UAOT is a member of the Occupational therapy Africa Regional Group (OTARG)

UAOT Workshop/ AGM on 27th October 2017

The Uganda Association of Occupational Therapists held an annual General meeting on 27th october 2017 together with a half day workshop aimed at chatting way of uplifting current practices and education in the country. All students were present during this event.


CP clinic, Physiotherapy Department Mulago hospital.


Key Resolution at AGM

UAOT to officially launch Occupational Therapy Bachelor Degree program in Uganda by 2020.

Education committee instituted

This committee initially has five members namely;

  1. Musimenta Shallon
  2. Kamwesiga Julius
  3. Odoch Richard
  4. Alochi Victor
  5. Nabaasa Sophie

The World Occupational Therapy Day 27th October 2015 celebrations

The Uganda Association of Occupational Therapists is proud to join the rest of the world to celebrate the World Occupational Therapy Day for the first time 5years after 2010 the day was declared by WFOT. The WOTD will be held at Busabala Rd Nursing Home read more 

9th OTARG congress 2015 

The Uganda Association of Occupational Therapists successfully hosted the 9th OTARG congress at hotel africana from 7th - 10th September 2015. 

The event was graced by many international colleagues. Alot was shared and learnt during the deliberations. We would like to thank all the participants in this congress.

Peter Ndaa of Ghana was unanimously elected the next OTARG President and Ghana selected as well to host the next congress in 2017. 

Two Ugandans were elected to the OTARG executive committe during the congress.

1. Webmaster - Kalanda Emmanuel

2. Student representative - Alochi Victor

UAOT is delighted with the achievements made by the two individuals and we wish them a fruitful tenure in office.

Membership Certificates:

UAOT is proud to announce that the first membership certificates bearing a unique membership number are ready for issuance:

Call for all occupational therapists to get registered afresh and get your certificate of membership within two weeks. Read More

Cerebrating 20 years of training Occupational Therapists.